divingBlue Fin offers diving and snorkeling charters off of the beautiful Miami coast. We offer personalized diving and snorkeling adventures on our boat. Blue Fin can accommodate up to 6 divers, which offers a more comfortable experience than being crowded on a typical dive boat. Blue Fin Charters makes for a more enjoyable and safe diving and snorkeling experience.

Our waters are home to the only tropical coral reef growing offshore a U.S. city. Miami is built upon limestone. The coral that is now living offshore makes up the northern reaches of a barrier reef that stretches southward through the Florida Keys. In addition to the many natural reefs, Miami is also known for its artificial reef programs. In 1981, the Miami-Dade Artificial Reef Program was started.
diving3However, but artificial reefs were created in Miami as early as the 1920’s.

If you are interested in chartering a diving or snorkeling excursion to see firsthand these beautiful reefs, please give us a call to schedule your adventure with us in Miami, Florida.

diving4Come dive into our waters that are always warm and inviting, offering you a tropical paradise practically all year long.